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Multicultural Organizational Development (MCOD)


Our Student Affairs multicultural organization:

  • Has a dynamic and ongoing commitment to the multicultural organization development process
  • Creates safe, welcoming, accessible, and fair environments
  • Advocates for social justice
  • Eliminates all forms of oppression
  • Has diverse representation throughout all levels of the division
  • Considers the multicultural impact in all decision-making processes
  • Understands and engages the advantages and strengths of a diverse organization
  • Encourages the contributions of any members of the division

A Student Affairs multicultural organization is accomplished in these ways:

  • A commitment by Division Leadership to develop and maintain a multicultural organization
  • Staying current on multicultural organizational development practices and principles by reading current literature, attending professional conferences specific to multiculturals organizational development, and consulting with professional colleagues with expertise in multicultural organizational development
  • The creation of explicit policies and processes to prohibit exclusion and to foster inclusion
  • Being invested in a lifetime of learning
  • By expressing its value system locally, regionally, nationally, and globally
  • Continually assessing the organization to ensure that principles of multicultural organizational development are being met
  • Continually revising and implementing new policies, procedures, and practices to enhance the multicultural development of the Divison
  • Taking leadership and partnering with colleagues on campus, reionally, and state-wide to create multicultural organizations outside of the Division
  • including clear and explicit statements about he commitment to being a multicultural organization in Division literature, websites, recruiting efforts, etc.
  • Recognizing that individual staff members are at different places in their multicultural development and that educational efforts must be targeted toward different developmental levels


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