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Student Disputes and Conduct Services

Confidential Services

Community Services



Advocates are available to help you identify the services that will best serve you.  Please call (503-725-5672) or email the Interpersonal Violence Advocate (IPV).  The IPV Advocate serves students of all genders.  The 24-hour Crisis Line is also available at 503-235-5333.


When consulting campus resources, students should be aware of confidentiality and mandatory reporting in order to make informed choices. Some campus departments may maintain your complete confidentiality, offering you options and advice without any obligation to tell anyone unless you want them to. Other departments are expressly there for you to report crimes and policy violations, and they will take action when you report an incident to them. Please email or contact the Interpersonal Violence (IPV) Advocate if you have any questions.

Student Disputes and Conduct Services:

All students disputes between students or with students and staff are handled through the Dean of Student Life office. Students dealing with conflicts, disputes, or conduct issues should contact the Dean of Student Life office at 503.725.4422 or visiting their office office in 433 Smith Memorial Student Union. If you need support for student related crises and concerns contact the C.A.R.E. team, run through the Dean of Student Life office.

Confidential Services:

If you are seeking 100% confidentiality, there are resources available.  The following services are not required to disclose your identity or situation:  

Please email or contact the Interpersonal Violence (IPV) Advocate if you have any questions about privacy, confidentiality, or mandatory reporting

Community Services:

Portland Women’s Crisis Line (PWCL): 503-235-5333

Sexual misconduct advocates are available 24 hours to assist women and me and help them access community resources. This service is available for individuals regardless of whether they choose to take legal action or not. PWCL can also help link women and men in domestic  misconduct situations with the appropriate referrals including emergency shelter and support groups.

PWCL maintains an extensive listing of community resources

Portland Public Police: 911

Or non-emergency: 503-823-3333