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EMSA Winter Division Meeting 2013

Focus on Sustainability

It is our hope that as a result of participating in this event, EMSA professionals will

  • have increased understanding about specific sustainability topics.
  • be able to integrate new best practices into services and programs.
  • know how they can contribute to the campus-wide sustainability learning outcome.
  • know more about PSU sustainability initiatives, curriculum, and expertise.
  • have increased awareness of opportunities available for professional development.


8:30-8:45    Coffee, breakfast treats, and networking
8:45-9:00    Welcome from Jackie Balzer:  Connecting student affairs with campus-wide sustainability
9:05-9:35    Keynote:  Judy Bluehorse-Skelton: Connecting the student experience, biocultural connection, student affairs, and sustainability.
9:35-9:55     Heather Spalding and Vicki Wise: How EMSA can lead
9:55-10:00   Vocal performance by Nicole Sangsuree Boeh-Barrett
10:15-11:00  Workshop Choices and Learning Objectives (choose one from the list below)

Sustainability and the Curriculum   

  • Presenters and Presentation link
    • Jennifer Allen, Institute for Sustainable Solutions
    • Leslie McBride, School of Community Health  
  • Room: SMSU 327
  • Learning objectives
    • Understand how PSU is integrating sustainability into our curricular and co-curricular  programs (Campus Wide Learning Outcome, ReTHINK proposals on campus as a living lab, undergrad certificate, competency based approaches,  etc).
    • Understand how community-based and campus-based learning opportunities are being expanded to provide students with more experiential learning opportunities (engaged education/sustainable neighborhoods, internships, Solutions Generator etc)

Mainstream Sustainability and the Environmental Justice Movement

  • Link to presentation. Link to video: Van Jones on Starting a Green Revolution
  • What is the meaning and relevance of social sustainability in our personal lives and at PSU? This interactive session encourages us to gain a deeper understanding of mainstream sustainability efforts and environmental justice efforts on and off campus.
  • Presenters
    • Nicole Sangsuree Boeh-Barrett, EMSA Sustainability Education
    • Cynthia Gomez, Diversity & Multicultural Student Services
  • Room: SMSU 298
  • Learning objectives
    • Explore the meaning and relevance of Sustainability at PSU
    • Gain a deeper understanding of mainstream sustainability efforts and environmental justice.
    • Reflect on our personal relationship to sustainability.

Assessing Sustainability Departmental & Programmatic Learning Outcomes 

  • Link to presentation
  • Presenters
    • Heather Spalding & Angela Hamilton; Institute for Sustainable Solutions
    • Room: SMSU 328
    • Learning objectives
      • See connections between core theories in sustainability education and Student Affairs
      • Better understand core sustainability competencies for students
      • Be exposed to case studies and activities from EMSA departments who have integrated sustainability into their programs
      • Feel prepared to set goals and measure progress around sustainability learning outcomes
      • Access resources for further study and professional development

Sustainability, Advising and Careers: Supporting Students

  • Presentation link
  • Presenters: Mary Vance & Greg Flores,  Advising & Career Services
  • Room: SMSU 296
  • Learning objectives
    • Attendees will understand how students can explore their interest in sustainability using their general education requirements as well as majors and minors.
    • Attendees will learn about programs and resources available to support students in exploring and gaining experience in sustainability related careers.

Link to full agenda and bios