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Division of Student Affairs Leadership Principles

  • Our primary focus is student success.
  • We respect the autonomy, dignity and diversity of students as individuals and as members of various communities.
  • We value and honor the humanity and dignity of our student and professional colleagues.
  • We value students as colleagues, leaders, learners, and as service users.
  • We strive for our programs and services to be responsive, efficient, convenient, flexible, sustainable, accessible and committed to excellence. 
  • We promote and support the education and development of students and our colleagues.
  • We are committed to students and professionals being interdependent partners in the construction of the student experience and achievement of student success.
  • We provide feedback and input mechanisms that allow the student voice and data to constantly inform services, programs and experiences.
  • We bring unique perspectives and areas of expertise to the University and have a responsibility to share these with all levels of leadership.
  • We are committed to people, not to structures.
  • We are good stewards of resources others invest in our programs and services and entrust to our management. 
  • We are committed to transparency and clarity in our commitments, efforts and resource expenditures.