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Assessment Council

Our Charge

The primary charge to the Enrollment Management & Student Affairs Assessment Councils is to articulate, implement, and then monitor the assessment agenda for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs. The goal of the Councils is create a systemic and systematic culture of assessment where we use data, in all its forms, to inform our educational practices and to ensure student success. The Councils will work collaboratively and consensually to this end.

Assessment Team

Division Team: Work on larger vision assessment projects, such as EMSA Initiatives, Campus-wide Learning Outcomes, and Co-curricular learning. Provide teaching and mentoring to our colleges.

Our Guiding Themes

  • Engage in best practices in assessment.
  • Foster a collaborative assessment environment of shared expertise.
  • Share a common language of assessment and identify our core outcomes that align to EMSA values and address Campus-Wide Learning Outcomes.
  • Develop assessment competency in ourselves and foster growth in our colleagues and our students.
  • Engage in systemic and systematic processes to implement and monitor our assessment efforts.
  • Contribute to assessment scholarship both internally and externally to PSU.
  • Reward excellence by acknowledging the assessment efforts across our Division