Assessment Vision

The eight campus-wide learning outcomes for students include: Disciplinary and/or Professional Expertise, Creative and Critical Thinking, Communication, Diversity, Ethics and Social Responsibility, Internationalization, Engagement, and Sustainability.


Portland State University strives to provide its students with educational and developmental experiences that increase student satisfaction, persistence, and academic success. Programs within Enrollment Management and Student Affairs anchor their work in the strategic initiatives of Portland State as well as the Campus Wide Learning Outcomes.


Transparency: We are transparent in our use of data and demonstrate responsibility in our reporting to stakeholders.

Student-Centered: determining how to best serve the students is the core driver of assessment efforts in Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. 

Manageable: Every effort should be made to integrate assessment efforts into our regular processes and practices so that it is manageable and practical.


Inclusive: Assessment tasks should always be designed to ensure that individuals and groups are not disadvantaged.  Whenever possible, participants should be a part of developing measurements, reviewing results, and discussing possible recommendations.

For more information on EMSA Assessment, contact Aimee Shattuck at or 503-725-5649.