SWRP Summer Workshop

On July 10-12, 2017, SWRP is offering a workshop for up to 20 educators and outreach coordinators. The cost is $150 ($50 per day). Please click the link below to register for the workshop. 

Workshop Description

The 2017 SWRP Summer workshop will focus on the Stream Experiment and Bioassessment Curriculum. The three-day workshop will be held in class at Portland State University (SRTC Rm. 149) and in the field (Site TBD). On Day 1 of the workshop, we will learn about the stream ecology experiments (article) and install them in a local stream. Day 2 we will learn how to collect stream invertebrate’s samples for bioassessment and restoration monitoring (article). And Day 3 we will remove stream experiments and analyze the data.


Click here to register for the SWRP workshop.

Updated 1/15/2017