Online Curriculum

Here you will find the online SWRP curriculum. This curriculum is focused on the basics of stream ecology in order to prepare students for condcuting any of the six virtual stream experiments. For more information please see the following references:

Three Simple Experiments to Examine the Effect of Sediment Pollution on Algae-Based Food Webs in Streams. 

Stream disturbance experiments

Introduction to Stream Ecology and Stream Insects 

Learning Unit 1: Stream ecology

Learning Unit 2: Stream insects

Learning Unit 3: Stream insect ecology

Learning Unit 4: Stream foodwebs

Learning Unit 5: Stream ecology experiments overview

Virtual Experiments

Algae vs No Algae

Stream velocity and colonization

Sediment Scour

Sediment Deposition (Rough Cut)

Disturbance and Life History

Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis

Upated 6/3/20