Student Watershed Research Project
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About This Program

The Student Watershed Research Project (SWRP) is a self-funded program within the Environmental Science and Management Department at Portland State University. Our mission is to connect educators, students, research scientists and environmental agencies through collaborative, inquiry-based investigations of local streams, ponds and wetlands. The goal of SWRP is to promote awareness of aquatic systems and provide students with the knowledge and critical thinking skills they need to informed and responsible decisions about important water quality issues.

History of This Program

With support from the National Science Foundation, SWRP began in 1991 as part of The Saturday Academy. Since its inception, over 250 teachers and more than 20,000 students have participated in the SWRP Program. Currently, SWRP participants have generated scientific data and knowledge about 90 different local stream sites in 6 sub basins around the Portland metropolitan area. In 2004, the Student Watershed Research Project moved to the Environmental Sciences and Management Program at Portland State University where it was expanded to include college students and other adult participants.