Seed Library

The Student Sustainability Center operates a seed library where Portland State University students, faculty, and staff can check out free seeds to plant and grow. 

Our seed inventory includes 350 different seed varieties of beans, peas, melons, pumpkins, lettuces, tomatoes, beets, flowers, herbs, medicinals, teas, and so much more. Most of the library’s seeds are about two years old and should have a high germination rate. We focus on finding seeds that are organic, heirloom, non-GMO, and open-pollinated. 

How it works

Check out seeds from the library, plant the seeds, cultivate the plants, harvest seeds from the plants you grew, then return some of these next generation seeds to the library for others to borrow. But don’t worry—there aren't any fines if you don’t return seeds. Donating seeds back to the library is completely optional, although it’s much appreciated since donations are what keep the library stocked.

The library is located at the Student Sustainability Center. Our address is:

Smith M103
1825 SW Broadway
Portland, Oregon 97201
Office hours: Mon-Thurs 10-4


Contact 503-725-5598 or email with any questions.


How to borrow seeds:

  1. Get a manila envelope for your seeds.

  2. Remove the seed packet you want from the catalog.

  3. Remove 2-3 seeds for each plant you want to grow from the packet and put in the manila envelopes provided.

  4. Write seed information on your envelope.

  5. Complete a checkout form so we can track library use.

How to donate seeds

We are always looking for more seeds to share with the community.  You can donate your seeds at our office or send them by mail to: Portland State University, Student Sustainability Center, P.O. Box 751, Portland, OR 97207-0751

You can also fill out a donation form at the seed library or online. Please share any of the following information you have for the seeds:

  • Common name

  • Variety

  • Scientific name

  • Seed source

  • Location of harvest

  • Year of harvest

  • Planting and care instructions

Learn more and find some ideas and inspiration in this blog about the seed library.

Many thanks to the organizations who have helped support our seed library!