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Tullia Fusco - World Languages and Literatures
Tullia Fusco - World Languages and Literatures

B.A. Communications

Minor: Italian

Honors program


Studying a language boosted my self-confidence and helped me connect with my family’s culture and heritage. I have met amazing people through my studies, forming friendships that I cherish. The process is unbelievably rewarding. Sometimes it can be difficult to measure your own progress, but there are certain moments--recognizing a word you learned in class, finishing your first novel, or a native speaker mistaking you for a local--that remind you how far you have come! I definitely hope to use Italian in some capacity when I enter the workforce, and I haven’t entirely ruled out a career overseas. My love of studying Italian has also encouraged me to learn other languages in the future. Some of my best memories at PSU were made in the Third-Year Italian series. I loved the bond between my fellow classmates and our instructor as well as the opportunity to exercise my language skills at an advanced level in a warm environment, free of judgement.