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Stephanie A. Bryson
Stephanie A. Bryson


  • PhD, Social Policy and Sociology, Brandeis University
  • MSW, Smith College School for Social Work
  • BA, Sociology, Colorado College
PSU History
  • First arrived in 2016 as an Associate Professor and BSW Program Director.
Academic/Research Focus
  • Health and mental health service delivery to marginalized groups
  • Asset building in child welfare practice
  • Program evaluation and implementation science
  • Decolonizing social work education and practice
  • Feminist, queer, postcolonial, and disability theory
  • Historical and comparative methods

Practice Areas: Clinical Social Work
Teaching Areas: Social Justice, Social Theory, Health and Mental Health, Research Methods

Personal Interests

Popular culture, history and old things, traveling, fantasizing about traveling, oceans and deserts, music, animals.


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