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Roberta Hunte
Roberta Hunte



Assistant Professor

  • PhD, University of Manitoba
  • MS, Portland State University
  • BA, University of Witwatersrand
PSU History

Roberta received her M.S. in Conflict Resolution from PSU. Prior to this appointment, Roberta was a full-time assistant professor in Black Studies, Conflict Resolution, and Women Gender and Sexuality Studies at CUPA.

Academic/Research Focus

Academic interests include reproductive justice, women of color feminism, cultural work for social change, and Black women in construction. She facilitates trainings on equity, diversity and inclusion. She is a collaborator on the play “My Walk Has Never Been Average” and a short film entitled “Sista in the Brotherhood,” both of which are informed by her research on Black tradeswomen.  She also helped create a devised theater piece based on reproductive stories from people of color and transgender people.



Curriculum Vitae