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Nicole Aue
Nicole Aue


Publications and Multimedia Manager, Pathways RTC


BA from Portland State University

PSU History

I have worked for Pathways RTC and the RRI since 2005.

Professional Focus

As a designer, my objective is to present my target audience with effective visual cues, logical hierarchy, and inviting imagery to facilitate absorption of the client's intended message. With a focus on branding, I establish and adhere to visual style guides that create strong, consistent visual identities in line with the missions of the projects they represent. In the field of website design and development, I am concerned with creating quality, custom, standards-based, responsive websites, focused on usability, accessibility, content, and information rather than fads and fashions – without sacrificing originality and visual interest. I attend to the entire product, from overall marketing mission to user experience and accessibility to search engine optimization and performance.

Personal Interests

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, thinking, learning, and otherwise generally living a somewhat hermit-like lifestyle.