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Khalil Zonoozy, ABD/Ph.D.
Khalil Zonoozy, ABD/Ph.D.


Professor Zonoozy has been a faculty member at PortlandStateUniversity since 1984. He is presently an adjunct assistant professor in University Studies Department. Khalil has also taught as a faculty member in the School of Urban Studies and Planning and the School of  Business Administration. He directed the PSU International Student and Faculty services for several years. A recipient of numerous distinguished academic and professional recognitions, Prof. Zonoozy was, recently, honored by receiving the "Leader of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Faculty Award " for creative, inclusive, impactful teaching, curriculum design and facilitation, PCC, 2016-17.  He is the recipient of the UNST "Capstone Excellence in Teaching Award" for 2018. He currently serves on PSU President's Academic Advisory Council. Professor Zonoozy will be joining the PSU Faculty Senate as the Ex-Officio member, representing the part-time faculty.


He has offered his popular "Equalizing Access to Justice" capstone for 15 years at PSU.  A comprehensive examination of the U.S. Judicial System and the existing Racial and Ethnic disparities, the course is designed to partner with Uniting to Understand Racism Foundation, UUR.  A pioneer board member of UUR,  Khalil served as the Vice Chair of the Oregon Supreme Court Task Force for Racial and Ethnic Issues in the Judicial System, 1992-94. He is a strong advocate of human rights and democracy, equity, fairness and justice. He has an extensive history of public service and volunteer civic activities including membership on the boards and committees  of several local, national and international organizations.


As an active advocate for the environment, Khalil Zonoozy has represented National Wilderness Society in the Nation’s Capitol in WashingtonD.C., speaking for preservation of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. In recognition of his consistent and continuous voluntary contributions to the community, he is the recipient of numerous distinguished awards.


Professor Zonoozy is a dedicated scholar, teacher, researcher. His special interest areas and teaching  history include: Community Studies, Human Relations and Design; Organizational Behavior, Cross-Cultural Communication, Leadership and Management; Sociology of Law and Social Justice;  Diplomacy and International Education; and the Sociology of Religion. He was honored as the first MSO-4000 Distinguished Educator, December 1, 2007


He is the Founder and CEO of Global Connections International, and President of Global Academy for Education and Training, Committed to the expansion of global education, understanding and partnership. Professor Zonoozy is also the Co- Founder and President of the OregonCenter for Spirituality and Health, a nonprofit educational organization advocating holistic approach to health, medicine and well-being. OCSH conducts research, publishes and offers annual professional workshops.