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Juan Heredia
Juan Heredia

Associate Professor, School of Architecture
Shattuck Hall 211

Ph.D. of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, 2008
Master of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, 2003
Diploma of Philosophy, Universidad Iberoamericana/Mexico, 1998
Bachelor of Architecture, Universidad Iberoamericana/Mexico, 1991

Juan Manuel Heredia studied and practiced architecture in Mexico, moving to the United States in 1999 to pursue graduate studies. His research focuses on architectural theory and history, especially that of the 20th century. He has made presentations at CAA (College of Art Association), UNAM (University of Mexico), the University of Pennsylvania and SESAH (Society of Architectural Historians, Southeast Chapter). His work has been published in Arquine and Bitacora (Mexico), On-Site Review (Canada), and Arkitekten (Denmark). In 2009 he co-organized the Second International Architecture and Phenomenology Conference held in Kyoto, Japan, and is currently working on an edited book related to the conference. His current writing focuses on 20th Century architecture in Latin America.