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Jennifer Scholes
Jennifer Scholes


Role: Training Specialist, Child Welfare Partnership, Center for Improvement of Child & Family Services

Experience: Jennifer has been a trainer with the Partnership since 2008.  Her experience in child welfare, however, goes back 40 years to her undergraduate social work internship.  In the interim, among other things she completed her Master's of Arts degree, taught at three colleges, was a child welfare worker in Montana and Washington, was Assistant Program Manager of the King County Washington CASA program, a Judicial Educator with the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts, and a Continuing Legal Educator with the Washington State Bar Association.  In whatever capacity she has served, her passion has been to bring children and family issues to the forefront.

Teaching/Training/Research Areas: Jennifer primarily trains relative, foster, and adoptive caregivers on a wide range of topics.  Special areas of interest include attachment, ADHD, trauma, and focusing on what drives children's behavior as a means of responding in a way that is helpful to them.

Contact Information:; (503) 584-7107