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Jared I. Best
Jared I. Best


Graduate Research Assistant


2010 - B.S. in Psychology from Portland State University 2016 - MSW from Portland State University Current PhD student in the School of Social Work at Portland State University

PSU History

I transferred to PSU from the University of Utah in 2008, completing my bachelor's in Psychology in 2010 then continuing for a year of post baccalaureate work.

I started as an undergraduate intern at the RRI in 2011. Within the first year I became a paid research assistant and eventually a graduate research assistant in 2013, when I started the combined MSW/PhD program in the School of Social Work at PSU.

During the last five and half years, I have worked as a research assistant coding coaching sessions for youth in foster care with significant mental health stressors, interviewing youth in foster care regarding their perspectives on available services, intervention development and design of a College Success course for incoming freshmen with foster care experience and mental health challenges, and most recently interviewing and facilitating social network mapping with youth with foster care experience.

Professional Focus

I hope to continue serving disenfranchised youth through research and education as well as in community settings. I am passionate about feminisms, radical social work, social justice, anti-oppressive practice, and transforming pedagogy and educational spaces.

Personal Interests

My personal interests include literature, poetry, and singing. I have been a writer and singer most of my life. I also enjoy riding my bike around the city, large crowds, going to movies alone, and spending hours texting gifs to my best friends.