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Fall 2019 Term Prize: Collage
Fall 2019 Term Prize: Collage

In honor of former School of Architecture director Clive Knights, students explored the medium of collage for our Fall 2019 Term Prize competition, inspired by architects such as Mies van der Rohe, Bernhard Hoesli, Daniel Libeskind, Superstudio, Ben Nicholson, and more.

As an architectural medium, the practice of collage liberates the designer and opens the imagination. Unhitched from the restrictions of reality, the designer deconstructs spatial elements and puts them back together in an entirely new way, conveying a feeling or underlying meaning that the architect wishes to express. Unlike representational architectural drawings and models, the collage has the power to shock, amuse, and cause the viewer to understand a structure from a fantastical, absurd, or otherwise impossible perspective.

Exemplary collages were selected by a jury of faculty members, and the recipients were honored in an awards ceremony on December 11, 2019.

An Nguyen
Pro-Thesis Seminar (ARCH 511)


Sarah Yoo
Architectural Design Studio 7 (ARCH 580)


Nancy Barakat
Architectural Design Transition Studio 2 (ARCH 571)


Claire Dimmick
Architectural Design Studio 4 (ARCH 480)


Tereza Stott
Architectural Design Studio 1 (ARCH 380)


Reston Pritchett
Design Fundamentals Studio 1 (ARCH 280)


Alina Gavrilovich 
Visual Communications 1 (ARCH 120)