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Craig A. Laurie
Craig A. Laurie


Role: Trainer/Consultant, Systems of Care Institute, Center for Improvement of Child & Family Services 

Education: MSW in Community Organization & Social Systems, University of Michigan; BA Social Relations & Policy, James Madison College of Public Affairs, Michigan State University

Experience: Craig has over 10 years experience supporting others as they build organizational capacity, design community-driven projects, resolve conflicts, organize communities, and apply cutting-edge health and social research. He is at his best helping others connect the dots between seemingly disparate components of organizational functioning from granter requirements, spending restrictions, and budgets to client experiences, day-to-day operations, and strategic planning. At SOCI, Craig does the following:

  • Designs strategic frameworks for engaging and developing inter-agency government working committees; 
  • Facilitates complex multi-system negotiation, mediation, and integration at the state and local level; 
  • Trains tools and techniques for collaborative decision-making, facilitation, alternatives analysis, and building group cohesion in diverse cross-sector teams; and 
  • Builds individual, group, organizational, and systems capacity throughout child, youth, and family-serving systems.

Teaching/Training/Research Areas: Systems of Care, Facilitation, Collaborative Decision-Making, Developmental Evaluation, Participatory Action Research, Systems Theory, Macro Social Work, Critical Thinking

Contact Information:; 971-361-6379