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Celeste Seibel
Celeste Seibel



Senior Research Associate I

  • MS in Communication, Portland State University
  • BS in Communication, Portland State University
PSU History

I started working at RRI in 2006 as a student receptionist. After finishing my graduate degree in 2010, I was hired by the Research and Training Center for Pathways to Positive Futures (Pathways RTC) as a project manager. I continue to manage research projects for Pathways RTC, and I am a principal investigator on other projects at RRI.  

Academic/Research Focus

My research interests include youth/young adult empowerment, workforce development for young adult peer support providers, web-based training tools, health & wellness, and community-based participatory research with American Indian/Alaska Natives communities.  

Personal Interests

I enjoy yoga, biking, reading, art, and travel.