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Barbara Acevedo
Barbara Acevedo

Hola! My name is Barbara Acevedo. I am a first-generation, Latina college student majoring in Civil Engineering. Though I was born in New Jersey, I’ve moved from coast-to-coast. 

Apart from being a full-time student at Portland State, I also work for Oregon MESA as their Family Coordinator, where I help encourage middle and high school students to explore STEM fields. I assist students and their families in attaining educational opportunities they may lack access to. I’m also the Administrator for the Scholars for Success in STEM (S3) Bridge program, along with being a peer mentor. 

When not at work or class, I’m volunteering, attending workshops, conferences and other events with student groups such as Las Mujeres, M.E.Ch.A, and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. I also like adventuring around Portland and trying new things.