PSU researchers target microplastics in special issue of journal
Author: Cristina Rojas, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Posted: January 31, 2020

Microplastics are everywhere, and researchers from Portland State University are exploring just how prevalent they are in coastal ecosystems and their potential effects on the marine organisms that ingest them.

Their latest studies are part of a special issue in the journal Limnology and Oceanography Letters called "Microplastics in marine and freshwater organisms: Presence and potential effects." 

Elise Granek, professor of environmental science and management, said the issue covers a range of topics related to microplastics, including occurrence in freshwater fish, effects in freshwater plants, reproductive effects, trophic transfer, sensitivity in early life stages, spatiotemporal variability in microplastics, connections between feeding strategies, and microplastic ingestion.

"This special issue takes a step toward addressing some of the knowledge gaps and research challenges," Granek writes in the issue's editorial. "We hope that the findings from the studies in this special issue generate more new questions than the number of answers they provide. We hope that this special issue will help steer microplastics research in the next decade and we look forward to the future research directions that these articles catalyze."