Message from President Wiewel: This election doesn't change our shared values
Author: Wim Wiewel
Posted: November 16, 2016

Dear PSU community,

The reaction to the presidential election continues to prompt protests, national debate and, regrettably, incidents of harassment on campus. I want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure that Portland State remains a safe place for all of you regardless of your viewpoints or background.

Let me say in the strongest possible terms that PSU does not tolerate any form of harassment, discrimination or intimidation. If you think you have been the target of discrimination or harassment, please contact our Office of Global Diversity and Inclusion at 503-725-5919. If you feel you have been the victim of a crime, please contact our Campus Public Safety Office at 503-725-4407.

Protests and vehement political discourse are part of life at almost every college campus, and PSU is no exception. These are valid ways of expressing support or frustration, and they are protected under the broad freedom of speech principles that we uphold at PSU. When that speech crosses the line into harassment, however, it becomes unacceptable. As you make your voice heard about the election results, or any other issue, I urge you to do so in a respectful manner.

Some of you have let me and others on campus know that you are feeling afraid or disenfranchised given all that is going on. At PSU, we have a wide variety of resources available to support students, faculty and staff. We’ve prepared a summary of those resources and answers to questions and concerns. Please take advantage of these resources.

I’m also asking you to stay focused on why we are here. PSU’s mission is to provide an outstanding education to students from all walks of life. No, we don’t live in a bubble, and we can’t ignore events that can have such a big impact on all of our lives. But together we can move forward in the spirit of our shared values: promoting inclusion and equity as pillars of excellence; and treating everyone with integrity and respect. 

Thank you.

Wim Wiewel, President, Portland State University