CUPA Researchers Receive Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant to Address Childhood Obesity Issues
Author: College of Urban and Public Affairs
Posted: November 5, 2015

Lawrence Wallack, Professor and Director of the Center for Public Health Studies, and Liana Winett, Associate Professor in the School of Community Health, recently received an award in the amount of $997,530 from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which builds on and extends their previous award of $309,000. The new grant will allow the research team to 1) evaluate the communication strategy of the national initiative Voices for Healthy Kids that seeks to pass childhood obesity prevention policies at the local and state levels, 2) expand national news analysis of childhood obesity to include areas of childhood development and the broader culture of health, and 3) convene a meeting with thought leaders in the field of journalism to explore a strategy for incorporating the idea of a culture of health into news reporting.