EcoReps are sustainability leaders within our residence halls and departments. They promote socially just and environmentally responsible lifestyles. EcoReps distribute resources, design innovative projects, and create, coordinate, and host activities in their residence halls. They promote the philosophy that we can, and do, make a difference!

Want to apply? Please email to request that we send you our fall term application when available.

About the EcoReps Program

Throughout the year, EcoReps host a variety of activities, including film screenings, discussions, and workshops. EcoReps meet each week for trainings focused on sustainability, leadership, career development, and more, as well as to plan events, programs, and projects. EcoReps also explore Portland and its surrounding natural areas. Attendance at these excursions is not required, but encouraged. 

Focal points of the program include:

  • Mindful consumption and purchasing  
  • Community building
  • Reducing, upcycling, and recycling
  • Social sustainability and equity
  • Food systems and composting
  • Energy conservation

With guidance from the Relational Leadership Model, EcoReps focuses on building sustainability leadership skills over the academic year:

Fall (Knowing): Learn about sustainability and leadership; partner with campus departments and programs to identify community needs; identify shared interests and design programs for winter term
Winter (Being): Design and host programs that address campus sustainability issues; refine and submit your resume to participate in the optional internship component of the program 
Spring (Doing): Complete a "mock" interview to practice your skills; design and implement a personal project with support from SSC; present the results of your work


What past EcoReps have to say:

I learned more skills to help navigate my thinking so that I am able to have [a] broader view and also use critical thinking skills to solve difficult problems.


EcoReps has made me realized the connections between sustainability, international conflict, racism, income inequality, and many other issues we hear about all the time.


My highlight was getting the chance to connect with some really great people in EcoReps.