Interactive Degree Maps

Help improve the degree planning experience for current and prospective undergraduate students by providing dynamic, mobile-responsive solutions and improving related policies, practices and procedures. This project will impact over 20,000 students.


  • Use technology and service changes to create a coherent and unified set of tools and services to enable current and prospective undergraduate students to dynamically compare academic pathways in relation to time and cost, giving students an effective way to make degree planning decisions. 



Key Highlights

  • Held two campus feedback sessions with Advisors in August 2018. (Feedback sessions for the larger campus community were held in Spring 2018).

  • Developed data integration between PSU and Barnes & Noble technology systems.

  • Launched a production instance of the Degree Planner platform.

  • Continued with usability testing with advisors and students, completing 30 hours of testing.

  • Planned for and completed a 6-week pilot of the Degree Planner with 5 advisors and 28 students over six weeks from the Business Advising Pathway. Students rated the application highly, and we heard critical insights from advisors and students about how to enhance the platform.

  • Pushed out rollout date of Degree Planner to Business students by 3 months to incorporate advisor-requested enhancements from the pilot. These enhancements - including improving usability to tune plans (e.g. drag and drop), adding flexibility to modify plans (put a course on hold, add notes, and add courses from the catalog) - are in progress.

  • Work has been initiated with 4 of the 7 advising Pathways.

  • Kicked off working group to develop a training plan for Degree Planner, and to consider how Degree Planner and advising practices relate.

  • Developed clarity on reporting needs in relation to Degree Planner data and conducted discovery sessions with campus stakeholders about future course demand reporting needs.

  • Developed a timeline to rollout Degree Planner to all Pathways: stretch goal is all students have access to the Planner by June 2019, with the other scenario of a late summer 2019 goal.

Issues & Risks

  • Our goal to launch Degree Planner to all students by summer is aggressive, and we are doing everything we can to meet this goal; but, there is a lot of uncertainty ahead of us, so it’s possible this goal might need to be adjusted.



  • Office of the Registrar
  • Office of Information Technology
  • Office of Academic Affairs
  • Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
  • Student Financial Services
  • The Business School
  • College of LIberal Arts & Sciences
  • School of Theater and FIlm
  • Maseeh College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Diversity and Multicultural Student Services
  • Office of Student Success



Degree Planner - FAQs

Degree Planner Pilot - Weekly Status reports 

PDF iconInteractive Degree Maps -Discovery and Design Phases_Project Charter.pdf

PDF iconInteractive Degree Maps, Discovery and Design Phases, Report and Artifacts.pdf

PDF iconDegree Planning Improvement-Program Charter.pdf

PDF iconInteractive Degree Mapping Tool, Partnership Exploration Phase Chater.pdf