Coordinated Service Network

The goal of the Coordinated Service project was to improve the delivery of student services through the implementation of a Coordinated Service Network, which enabled coordinated service delivery between departments, as well as helped staff across units manage, track, and archive interactions with students. 

Project Outcomes

Utilizing upgrades to Student Success Collaborative Campus module the project will provide the following:

  1.  Enabled coordinated student support among advisors, faculty and administrators
  2.  Defined and implemented processes and protocols that support coordinated service delivery between departments
  3.  Assisted advisors, faculty and administrators in managing, tracking and archiving interactions with students (similar to a customer relationship management system)
  4.  Provided students with the direction they need to efficiently complete academic or administrative tasks



Project Lead

Project Team

Project Management Lead

  • Emily Baratta, Project Coordinator, Office of Student Success
  • Sarah Traxler, Project Manager, Office of Academic Affairs (ending 2017)

Additional Information