Academic and Career Advising Redesign

In December 2016 the recommendations proposed by the Academic and Career Advising Redesign Workgroup published in a November 2016 Final Report were approved by Provost Sona Andrews. Please see the Implementation Project Page for more information on the current status of the project and its recommendations.

The goal of the Academic and Career Advising Redesign project is to create a unified advising framework which increases student self-efficacy and sense of agency and improves the experiences of academic and career advisors.  Academic and Career Advising Redesign directly aligns with the following from PSU’s Strategic Plan: Strategic Goal #1 Elevate Student Success, Initiative #3: Use Best Practices to Advance Student Retention, Sub-initiative #3.1: Increase advising capacity, revitalize advising systems and improve the visibility of student support services.



The goals of the Academic and Career Advising Redesign as established by the Academic Leadership team are:  

  • Enhance the 1:1 relationship between advisors and students by creating Academic Advising Pathways or Clusters consistent with student flow. Integrate services for undeclared students with advising clusters and establish major declaration policy.

  • Create a unified advising framework overseen centrally to create consistent advising practices and policies.

  • Organize work so it is a source of joy: career advancement opportunities, create community, promote equity, and consistent advising position description with clear expectations.

  • Increase student self-efficacy and sense of agency, such that the right context, supports, and tools exist for students to access services on their own.

Project Lead

  • Sukhwant Jhaj, Vice President for Academic Innovation, Planning, and Partnerships

Project Management Team

  • Kara Hayes, Student Success Coordinator, Office of Academic Affairs
  • Sarah Traxler, Project Manager, Office of Academic Affairs

Discovery & Design Work Group

  • Casey Campbell, Lead Advisor, College of Urban and Public Affairs
  • Kate Constable, Undergraduate Advisor, School of Social Work
  • Martha Dyson, Academic Advisor, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Randi Harris, Director, Programs, Office of Academic Affairs
  • Kara Hayes, Student Success Coordinator, Office of Academic Affairs
  • Sukhwant Jhaj, Vice Provost for Academic Innovation and Student Success, Office of Academic Affairs
  • Lynell Spencer, Career & Academic Advisor, School of Business Administration
  • Melissa Yates, Pre-Health Advisor, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Resident Researcher

  • Karen Haley, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy, Graduate School of Education

Additional Information

PDF iconPSU Academic and Career Advising Redesign Final Report

PDF iconAugust - Sept session capture.pdf

PDF iconAdvising Redesign Community Engagement Matrix.pdf

PDF iconAdvising Redesign Communications Matrix.pdf

PDF iconProfessional Advising Community Interview Insights.pdf

Revitalize Advising & Student Services Poster

PDF iconPublic Session 1 Recap 2.19.2016.pdf

PDF iconPublic Session 2 Recap 2.25.2016.pdf

PDF iconPublic Session 3 Recap 2.26.2016.pdf

PDF iconPublic Sessions 4 & 5 Recap 3.7 & 3.10.2016.pdf