Who Are Our Student Organizations?

Student Activities and Leadership Programs works with a large number of the recognized student organizations at Portland State University. Click here to search student organizations and other engagment opportunities at Portland State.

The Campus Recreation and Student Activities and Leadership Advisors are authorized by the Dean of Students Office to use the Student Organization Application and Recognition policy to determine the recognition of a group of students as a student organization, student service organization, or an affiliation. It is also the responsibilities of the Advisors in these departments to determine if the group has continued to meet the criteria in order to maintain recognition or affiliation of Portland State.

The purpose of formally recognizing student organizations or services is to:

  1. Officially recognize student organizations or services as agents of the University in order to allow them access to services and resources as well as to determine risk and liability.
  2. Collect correct contact information.
  3. Determine the needs of student organizations, services, and student leaders.
  4. Assess the sustainability of student organizations and services.

The purpose of affiliating with a group of students is to:

  1. Formalize a relationship between a student-run chapter of a larger organization and Portland State University.
  2. Collect correct contact information for student leaders and their support networks.
  3. Determine the needs of student leaders and their community partners.