SALP offers multiple training opportunities for student leaders including online trainings, videos, conferences, workshops and consultations.

Officer Trainings (SALP Admin Club)

Students who have responsibilities as an administrator (submitting paperwork, tracking the budget, etc) must complete an online training to get access to the online SALP Admin Club where they will go to complete administrative duties.  First, complete the online training.  At the end of the training, you will be asked to fill out a form to request access to the SALP Admin Club. Access the online training at this link:



Student Leader Resource Center

This is a self-guided resource to find helpful how-to's and information about policies and procedures. Visit the Student Leader Resource Center

Driver Training

Students need to take this online tutorial if they plan to drive for their student organization, whether driving a rental vehicle or their own vehicle. After students take this tutorial they will complete two online tests and their SALP Advisor will review their driving record. If the student passes the online tests and has a passable driving record, they will become an Authorized Driver for SALP. This Authorized status lasts for one year. Please sign up by submitting the Authorized Driver Certification Form.

Leadership Fellows

Student organization leaders apply to be a Leadership Fellow for an entire year.  Students are placed in a group of up to 25 students that meet three times a term in Fall, Winter, and Spring.  For more information, please visit the Leadership Fellows page.

Leadership Conference

The Student Leadership Conference hosted each winter by the Leadership Steering Committee has about 200 students from across campus who come together to explore a particular leadership topic.  



Group Trainings

Any of the SALP staff can come to your student organization meeting to facilitate a tailored workshop.  Topics might include: conflict resolution, event planning, running elections, or goal setting.  As you advisor for suggestions on trainings.

Get Credit

Do you want to learn about leadership while earning credit?  Check out the Student as Leaders course offered Winter term through Public Administration's Civic Leadership Minor.