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Recognition Status Table Key

  • F stands for Forming
  • SO stands for Student Organization
  • SS stands for Student Services and Student Media
  • AD stands for Affiliate and Department Sponsored

More Information on Recognition Statuses.

Service Description Recognition Status
Accounting SALP provides accounting services including accessing funding provided by on campus funding committees, processing gifts and donations, providing all accounting services such as contracts, bill payment and reimbursements. SO | SS
Advising A designated staff adviser who is able to help you register as a group, access funding, training, and resources on campus. Advisers help student leaders with a multitude of questions, concerns, and opportunities from balancing academics and leadership to conflict resolution to the nuts and bolts of running a student group. F | SO | SS | AD
Art Box SALP has an art box with markers, paints, glue, and other supplies that can be checked out by student groups. The art box can be checked out for 4 hours at a time and must be returned by the time the SALP office closes for the night. Special arrangements must be made to keep the art box for a longer time. Call or come by the SALP front office to reserve it. F | SO | SS | AD
AV equipment Audio Visual equipment can be checked out for on-campus use through the Classroom Audio Visual office. More information on how to reserve this equipment is on the SALP Student Administraors Club under bookmarks. SO | SS
Board Games Student organizations may check out board games for their regular meetings and group activities. For more information, visit the SALP front office.

F | SO | SS | AD

Bulletin Boards SALP has 8 bulletin boards on campus reserved for student groups. Flyers posted on these boards must be approved by SALP. Please bring a copy of your flyer to SALP. A posting map will also be provided with SALP boards marked. All other bulletin boards on campus are free to everyone, unless otherwise marked. F | SO | SS | AD
Button Maker SALP has a 1" and a 2" button maker available for check out. A bag of button parts is $10/100 buttons. Come by the SALP front office to check out either the mini-button maker or the old, reliable 2" button maker. F | SO | SS | AD
Calendar Student organizations recognized by SALP can post public events on the centralized events calendar available on the homepage. Events are posted through the student organization's portal in OrgSync and will be synced to the University calendar. F | SO | SS | AD
Canopy SALP has a canopy that groups can reserve to protect their table from the elements during an event. F | SO | SS | AD


SALP has 5 Chromebooks available for check out. Come by the SALP Front Desk to checkout any of the 5 Chromebooks. F | SO | SS | AD
Cleaning Supplies A box of various cleaning supplies, such as windex, paper towels, and swifer dusters can be checked out from the SALP front office.  F | SO | SS | AD
Conference Room Student organizations can reserve the conference room SMSU M114 through the SALP front office (SMSU 119, 503-725-4452). The space is on a first-come, first-serve basis. It has a computer with a large screen and a white board. Check out the room key and computer equipment at the front desk.  F | SO | SS | AD
Computers SALP has three computers for general student group use in the Student Leadership Lounge (SMSU M113). No printer is available. F | SO | SS | AD
Copy Machine SALP provides a copy machine for student organizations with access to funding. Codes can be requested through the SALP Student Administrators Club in OrgSync. SO | SS
Counter SALP has a counter that can be used to keep track of the number of people that attend an event.  It can be check out at the SALP front office. F | SO | SS | AD
Display cases SALP has several display cases in SMSU for student groups. Groups can reserve one display case for one week (Monday-Monday) three times per term. To reserve a display case, stop by the SALP front office. Note: Reserved display cases must be claimed (the key must be picked up) by Monday at 4 p.m. Unclaimed boards are open for other student groups. It is the student group's responsibility to take down their displays. Any promotional material left by a student group in a display case will be recycled.  F | SO | SS | AD
Poster Easel Student organizations can check out an easel that can display a poster during an event or meeting.  It is available through the SALP front office. F | SO | SS | AD
Event Rooms Event space is available in buildings across campus for meetings and events. Requests for event space must be made through the Conference & Event Services Office via the Event Inquiry Form, which can be found on their website F | SO | SS | AD
Funding The Organization Budget Council funds student organizations and the Student Fee Committee funds student services. Work with an advisor for more information on accessing these funds. For more information, see their website. SO | SS
Hand Trucks SALP has two hand trucks that can be checked out or reserved for a future event.  Come by the Front Desk to reserve one. F | SO | SS | AD
Leadership Fellows Leadership Fellows is a yearlong leadership development program for student leaders. They meet four times a term and students receive a $400 award and optional 3 credits per term. Applications for the following year are available in Spring. F | SO | SS | AD
Leadership Programs SALP works with departments from across campus to organize programs such as the Leader Connect Luncheon and the Leadership Conference for student leaders across campus. All are welcome to attend and get involved. Advertisements will go out through email, OrgSync, and on Facebook. F | SO | SS | AD

SALP has two student organization lounges:

The Student Leadership Lounge (SMSU M113) has computers, couches, and tables and is for smaller meetings and quiet work (M-F 8:30-5). It is a shared space and cannot be reserved.

The OrgSpace (SMSU M108) is a community space for group gatherings, group work and supporting student organization activities (M-F 8-5pm). It is also a shared space but student groups may make reservations during regular business hours. thorugh the SALP front office. After hours reservations are only for large-scale event prep work and require approval from the student organization's advisor.

F | SO | SS | AD
Party in the Park & Party in the Ballroom Party in the Park (first week of Fall classes) and Party in the Ballroom (second week of Winter classes) are recruitment fairs for student organizations. The purpose of the events is to highlight ways for students to get engaged and be active at Portland State University. To sign up, watch for announcements in OrgSync. F | SO | SS | AD
OrgSync OrgSync is the online tool for student organizations to track membership, calendars, and much more. It is also the means for students at large to find out how to join an organization or about public events. All requests (forms) to the SALP front office are submitted through this system. F | SO | SS | AD
Sound support at events Sound support is provided by Portland State Professional Sound (PSPS) for any department or student organization. To request services, go to the SALP Student Administrators Club under bookmarks. SO | SS
Speakers Board Speaker's Board is a faculty-senate committee funded by the Student Fee Committee that grants funds to organizations and departments who wish to bring presenters to campus free of charge to Portland State students. The request form can be accessed in the SALP Student Administrators Club in OrgSync under bookmarks. F | SO | SS | AD
Storage Limited storage space, in the form of lockers and shelves, is available to student groups. For more information, visit the SALP front office. F | SO | SS | AD
Student Educational Travel Awards SET (previously known as AAA) is a SFC funded committee that helps defray the costs of attending conferences for students who are invited to present their work. The fund is open to all PSU students, regardless of their membership in a student organization. The request form can be accessed in the SALP Student Administrators Club in OrgSync under bookmarks.  F | SO | SS | AD
Training SALP provides training for student leaders in multiple formats including video, online, workshops, and conferences. SALP Advisors may be available to do consultations or trainings for student groups. F | SO | SS | AD
Vacuum Cleaner Student organizations can check out a vacuum cleaner from the SALP front office to clean up a room after a meeting or event. F | SO | SS | AD
Vehicle Use Cars, trucks, and vans can be rented for travel that is directly related to a student organization's mission. Requests can be made in the SALP Student Administrators Club in OrgSync. SO | SS
Walkie Talkies SALP has walkie talkies that groups can check out in order to provide easier communications during events. F | SO | SS | AD