About SALP


Student Activities and Leadership Programs' mission is to enrich and integrate students' leadership and academic experiences in order to educate students to be ethical, socially just, and civically engaged leaders on campus and in their larger communities.


Student Activities and Leadership Programs has committed to using the following values to guide our work:

  • Integrity - insuring that our actions reflect our words, especially when it comes to being active listeners, honest, accountable, and respectful.
  • Student Centered - full awareness of the responsibility that SALP has to help students actualize their full potential.
  • Education and Growth - supporting students by equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to meet the challenge of applying in-class principles to real-life situations.
  • Community - intentionally creating an atmosphere that encourages students to discover and express all aspects of their identity, to make meaningful connections with others, and to have fun.
  • Continuous Improvement - seeking and incorporating feedback and best practices.


Leadership: Our students will be our community leaders.  Therefore, Portland State students are capable of being socially just, ethical leaders who will create a better world.

Engagement: Having connection to a campus community fosters student success.  Therefore, all students have opportunity to find meaningful connections and community at Portland State.

Learning Outcomes

Student Activities and Leadership Programs has developed outcomes that we strive to reach with the students whom we are privileged to work. By being a part of a student organization, working with the SALP Advisor to navigate and reflect on that work, and by taking the resources and training opportunities made available, student leaders will:


  • Diversity: Understand and appreciate difference.
  • Consciousness of Self: Demonstrate self-awareness and self-reflection.


  • Citizenship: Understand your impact on the group and larger community.
  • Community and Systems: Understand and value your place and impact within the university community.
  • Social Responsibility: Gain a sense of social and civic responsibility to others.


  • Communication: Enhance oral, written, and quantitative literacy.
  • Team Work: Enhance skills in compromise, collaboration, and understanding.
  • Common Purpose: Demonstrate willingness to address problems within the group and hold others accountable to the mission.
  • Conflict with Civility: Develop skills to interrupt behavior and to manage conflict within and between groups.


  • Critical Thinking: Demonstrate the ability to consider multiple viewpoints and types of knowing to develop well-reasoned opinions.


  • Administrative: To effectively oversee administrative functions of the group.


All of the staff and programs within Student Activities and Leadership Programs work as a team to support the departmental mission. Below are descriptions of each of our program areas.

Student Organization Advising
Assistant Director, Advisors, Interns
To recognize and advise student organizations, student government, and Greeks, providing specialized training and orientations, and programming specific to student organizations. 

Leadership Development
Director with support of entire staff
To facilitate the Leadership Steering Committee, an on-campus think tank and advisory council; to provide training and support to staff working with student leaders; to provide administrative support and oversight for Leadership Credits; to coordinate and provide leadership development to students-at-large in the form of retreats, workshops, courses, and conferences.

Student Operated Services
To provide general management supervision to student service organizations (Food for Thought, 5th Avenue Cinema, Portland State Professional Sound, Littman and White Galleries, Graphic Design Center)

Programming Board
2 Hourly Student Leads and up to10 student leaders
To provide large-scale events for the entire student body that promote community, pride, and tradition. 

Student Community Engagement Center
Coordinator, student employee, 2 graduate interns
To provide students with short and long term opportunities to directly serve their community. 

Student Sustainability Center
Coordinator and student employees
To connect sustainability and the student experience through transformational learning opportunities.

Student Media
Coordinator, half time Advertising Advisors, hourly student employees
To provide recognition, advising and support to the student media outlets on campus. 

Student Government
To provide advising and support to student government.


Director, Office Manager, Accountants, hourly students
Central support of the department including supervision, assessment, coordination, accounting, and administrative support.