Student Financial Services Staff

Director of Student Financial Services and the Financial Wellness Center


Amanda Nguyen

    Amanda Nguyen is the Director of Student Financial Services and the Financial
   Wellness Center. Student Financial Services provides support to students, faculty, staff,
   and community partners through providing cashiering services, student accounts, ID
   card services and non-credit solutions. Prior to joining PSU, Amanda spent 10 years in
   a variety of accounting roles in private companies. She earned a BS in Accounting from
   Eastern Oregon University and a MBA from Marylhurst University.



Assistant Director

     Megan Looney is the Assistant Director for Student Financial Services.  She manages
     day-to-day operations in the Cashier’s, Student Accounts and Collections offices. She
     is proud to be a member of the Last Mile Committee, a group that helps support
     students with limited credits left to graduate complete their degrees.  Megan has been
     a member of the PSU community since 1992, when she started attending PSU. She
     holds a BS in Communication, a Post-Bac Certificate in Accounting, and is currently
     earning a Master’s Degree in Global Supply Chain Management.


FWC Assistant Director

Shawna Chambers is the Assistant Director of the Financial Wellness Center. An alumna of PSU, she began working in SFS in 2010 after several years in higher education, banking, and social work. Not only has her previous experience blended perfectly to prepare her for the world of higher education, finance and student services, it's been the fueling foundation for the improvement projects on which she's collaborated at Portland State. Among them is the new Financial Wellness Center. Shawna can be frequently found giving presentations to parents, students and departments on a wide range of topics like "The 1-2-3's of Paying for PSU". One of her favorite responsibility is working with student employees; she was the winner of the 2016 Supervisor of the Year award. 



Third Party Billing 

     Alex is a member of the Financial Services Third Party Billing team. He works
with government accounts, including billing for veterans' benefits and
     active-duty service 





     Amy is part of the Student Financial Services Third Party Billing team. She works            primarily with domestic accounts, such as school districts, pre-paid tuition plans,          and employers who sponsor their employees' education. Amy has a BA in Economis        from Portland State and enjoys working with students and their sponsors to ensure
     a smooth billing and payment process. 






Financial Coaches

April is a Financial Coach who works primarily with students who owe a past- due balance. She is a Certified Personal Financial Manager offering one-on-one   appointments to students through the Financial Wellness Center to discuss topics
like budgeting, student loans, and managing debt. April habla español. 




    Justin is a Financial Coach at Student Financial Services and the FWC. He enjoys working
    with students to ensure that after graduation, they are able to efectively manage their debt
    with confidence and ultimately succeed. Prior to joining the PSU team, Justin worked as a
    Financial Coach and Emergency Services Coordinator for low-income communities at
    Catholic Charities. 





     Kareem is a tenured Student Financial Services Revenue Agent and more recently
     attained his title of Financial Coach. He's served for over ten years in student finance
     and shows a proven commitment to helping students and promoting financial wellness
     through effective, proactive financial management. Kareem is passionate about
     providing service to PSU students and loves basketball.


     Jasmine is a Revenue Agent and certified Financial Coach who also oversees the
     windows in the Student Financial Services office. She has a passion for working with
     students to help them gain control over their financial futures, which is why she enjoys
     working at PSU. 






     Melissa is a Financial Coach at the FWC whose aim is to support the financial success of      all PSU students. She most enjoys the opportunity to educate students about the true        cost of college, including funding options for them and student loan management.            Melissa joined the PSU community as a student in 2015, and has a particular interest in      helping transfer students. 





    Shawna is a Revenue Agent and Financial Coach at the Financial Wellness Center. She enjoys
    working with students to provide guidance and resources concerning topics such as funding
    a college education, budgeting, student loans, and debt management. Shawna has been
    a member of the PSU community since her enrollment as a student in 2012. She graduated
    from PSU's School of Business Administration with a BS in Business Administration, with a
    concentration in Finance. 





   Devan is a member of the SFS Cashiers team. He works primarily with PSU Departments,    helping them to make deposits and directing outside checks. He's a recent transplant to    Portland from Pennsylvania.