Summary of Fall 2013 Orientation Programming Evaluation Data
Author: Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Posted: November 21, 2013

Students and guests who participated in orientation for fall 2013 report being more satisfied than ever before.  Nearly 9 out of 10 respondents indicated that their experience at orientation was positive; thanks to the many departments, organizations, community partners, and individuals who made this statistic possible.

Among the 5 learning outcomes for orientation, agreement levels have increased for all areas except “I understand how to register for courses.”  This outcome has experienced a slight decline in agreement of 1.13% since 2011.  The outcome of “I understand PSU’s graduation requirements” has experienced the most significant increase in agreement of 3.69% since 2011.  Agreement for all learning outcomes continues to be positive at a range from 83-93%.

The data from 2012 informed 2 goals for fall 2013: increase satisfaction with academic advising and with communication from the orientation office.  Satisfaction with academic advising increased by 2.39% to reach 74.98%; satisfaction with communication increased 5.42% to reach 81.09%.  Increasing satisfaction in these areas will remain goals for 2014.  In addition, 3 new goals for 2014 emerged from the data: 1) rethink goals and content of PSU 101/201 and how these sessions prepare students for advising; 2) improve program logistics (e.g., check-in, ID photo lines); and 3) increase awareness of program fees and take payment online prior to the program if possible.

In terms of online orientation, more students participated in this orientation option for fall 2013 than ever before at 748 students given access to this tool and 630 completing it (84%).  The Orientation team is discussing the sustainability of this option in terms of how to streamline the advising portion and will continue brainstorming with the advising community over the coming months.

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