Institute on Aging Releases Follow Up to Age-Friendly Communities Report
Author: Institute on Aging
Posted: November 16, 2016

In February of 2016, PSU's Institute on Aging released a report called The Case for Age-Friendly Communities, a collaboration with ECONorthwest that asserts creating age-friendly communities makes good sense, economically and socially. The report's Executive Summary states, "Beyond what individuals themselves can do to age optimally, the movement to create communities that are age friendly focuses on how the economic, physical, and social environments can be improved to address not only the needs but also maximize the assets of an aging population, for the benefit of all."

In October, the Institute on Aging, along with AARP, ECONorthwet, and the Governor's Commission on Senior Services, issued a follow-up report entitled Building A State For All Ages: Six Steps To Get Started. The document states, "People who study the process of aging see this pattern as an untapped resource of human, social and economic capital and point out the roles that older adults can play in the workforce and in their communities."

The six steps include:

1. Create Systems to Promote Older Adults as Volunteers.

2. Launch a major volunteer initiative around a critical state goal.

3. Devise strategies to address retention, supply (job-seeking older adults) and demand (workplace) barriers to the continued employment of older adults.

4. Design finance tools to help older workers navigate work transitions later in their careers.

5. Strive to create communities that are more age-friendly in order to address not only the challenges but the opportunities created by the changing demographics of our state.

6. Strengthen business ties to the longevity economy.

Read the full report here