Strategic Plan | Expand Our Commitment to Equity

Portland State University is an access institution with a history of diversity and an emerging focus on addressing racism, equity and inclusion. With the Portland region in the midst of a demographic shift, diversity is one of the characteristics that set PSU apart in a crowded higher education market. We must ensure a campus climate that welcomes all students, employees, and community partners.

OBJECTIVE: Create an environment at PSU that is open, inclusive and committed to diversity, and ensure that all students and faculty embrace culturally responsive teaching and learning.

Initiative 1: Create a More Inclusive Campus

1.1 Create expectations, training and incentives for faculty, staff, and students to regularly participate in culturally responsive education and sharing opportunities.

1.2 Conduct a campus climate audit to assess and inform safety and inclusion.

1.3 Develop and utilize an equity lens in campus decision-making.

1.4 Provide linguistically appropriate student services.

Initiative 2: Promote Diversity Through Hiring and Retention

2.1 Adopt best practices for recruitment, retention and advancement of diverse faculty, staff and administrators to better reflect the diversity of the student body.

Initiative 3: Define and Measure Diversity Learning Outcomes

3.1 Incorporate assessment of diversity learning outcomes in academic units and the Diversity Action Plan.

3.2 Train faculty to incorporate diversity elements in their courses.

Equity Lens

  • Deepen our commitment by looking for opportunities to make PSU policy, programs and practice more equitable.
  • Elevate the campuses expectations for greater accountability around equity issues.
  • Consider acknowledging equity efforts in promotion and tenure guidelines, performance evaluations and similar assessments.
  • Acknowledge that “the international educational experience” can be local, by making valuable cross-cultural experiences available to our students through increased contact with international students and communities in our area.
  • Recognize that cultural understanding is a pre-requisite for an engaged education and that we have a responsibility to provide our students with the necessary competencies to be able to work with diverse colleagues and the organizations they serve.