Strategic Plan | Advance Excellence in Teaching and Research

Attracting and retaining the highest quality faculty and entrusting them with academic freedom is the best means of achieving Portland State University’s mission as a top urban research and teaching university. A renewed emphasis on professional development, strong integration in academic advising and robust shared governance will substantially strengthen the impact and achievement of the faculty and Portland State.

OBJECTIVE: Support a diverse faculty to advance teaching and research, honor academic freedom and prioritize investments to ensure relevant and high-quality academic programs. Enhance teaching environments, including curriculum, to ensure inclusion and affirmation for all students.

Initiative 1: Recognize and Develop Excellence in Teaching

1.1 Create opportunities for continuous employment and shared governance for non-tenure eligible, teaching-intensive faculty.

1.2 Establish a new adjunct appointment category that recognizes sustained teaching excellence and offers competitive compensation.

1.3 Make professional development for all faculty a personal and institutional priority.

1.4 Examine, diversify and strengthen our teaching evaluations for all faculty to move beyond disproportionate reliance on student course evaluations.

1.5 Adopt high impact strategies for effective teaching and learning.

1.6 Develop more expansive mechanisms for evaluating students.

Initiative 2: Maintain an array of academic programs that reflects our academic priorities, including a focus on equity and social justice.

2.1 Assess the array of academic program offerings on a regular basis to ensure relevance, quality and equity.

2.2 Provide mechanisms to ensure that academic priorities, informed by faculty expertise and student needs, are appropriately reflected in planning for new programs and growth, and in decisions regarding program reduction and elimination.

2.3 Enhance the ability of faculty to deliver culturally responsive pedagogy and curriculum, including universal design for learning.

Initiative 3: Recognize Outstanding Research

3.1 Establish a Distinguished Professor rank to recognize outstanding research, scholarship and creative work.

3.2 Create opportunities for faculty and graduate students to develop and enrich their research efforts.

Initiative 4: Prioritize for Impact

4.1 Determine and prioritize research investment and academic program development in areas where PSU is known for excellence, that show the greatest potential for collaboration and in which we have a competitive advantage.

4.2 Promote and incentivize faculty research, including support for disciplines with limited opportunities for external funding.

Equity Lens

  • Strengthen this goal by committing internal resources to support academic, research and creative activities that diversify our scholarly portfolio and the knowledge we generate on campus.
  • Consider differentiating PSU in the marketplace by rebranding our scholarly outputs to reflect specific values related to equity, collaboration and reciprocity - that are community-based and partnership focused.