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The 50/50 Project: Honoring 50 Years of Community Impact & Partnerships

The 50/50 Project is a cornerstone of the School’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. We’re collaborating with Portland Creative Laureate Julie Keefe to share the stories of some of our accomplished alumni from the past 50 years through words and photographs.

The 50/50 Project: An Overview

Twenty-five PSU SSW alumni were nominated by faculty and staff to participate in the 50/50 Project. These Social Work and Child & Family Studies graduates represent alumni from different decades and varied fields of practice throughout Oregon. The alumni then selected an interview partner of their choosing to join them in the project--a person who has been a seminal part of their own professional story. Alumni chose mentors, colleagues, family members, friends, and former clients—the result is a collection of people who inspired and supported one another on their journey to create lasting personal or community change.  

These 50 participants then jointly attended a single interview session together in which they explored the intersection of their professional and personal paths, and reflected on the essential elements of impacting individuals, communities, policy and organizations. They also shared their hopes for what the next 50 years will bring for Social Work and Child & Family Studies practice.  Julie Keefe took portrait pictures of the pairs and each selected a representative quote from their interview to accompany their photograph in their own handwriting. 

Click here to view these powerful portraits - the collective insight and wisdom shared by these individuals represents a slice of the impact of the past 50 years and 5,500 graduates, and the potential of the next 50.