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Research Practicum Ph.D. Program

Practicum opportunities at the Regional Research Institute on Human Services


Practicum opportunities at the Regional Research Institute on Human Services have included:  

  • Evaluating a training program with English and Spanish speaking parents and teachers in HeadStart through Project SUCCEED
  • Interviewing parents of children with disabilities in Project SUCCEED
  • Analyzing data on parent involvement in decision making within the State of Oregon's System of Care child welfare system
  • Analyzing transcripts of interviews with women in recovery who had regained the custody of children for the System of Care
  • Assessing the training needs of caseworkers in the System of Care through analysis of interviews with members of the evaluation team, caseworkers, and families
  • Analyzing data on the experience of adults with serious and persistent mental illness in the Oregon Supported Housing Project
  • Interviewing and analyzing data on severe and persistent mental illness with HIV-affected individuals for the Center for the Study of Mental Health Policy and Services
  • Conducting focus groups in an evaluation of the Family Violence Intervention Project
  • Analyzing quantitative data on the effectiveness of individual placements and supports for the Assertive Case Management (ACT) grant for adults with severe and persistent mental illness


    Oregon Health Sciences University is a nationally respected teaching and research university.


    Practicum opportunities have included:   

    • Interviewing women with disabilities about intimate violence; interviewing families and analyzing data as one of several sites throughout the nation studying female homicides resulting from intimate violence
    • Analyzing qualitative and quantitative data on family decision making and the withdrawal of life support as part of a study into ethics and end-of-life decision making
    • Coding observational tapes of mother-toddler interactions
    • Evaluating training programs at the Child Development Rehabilitation Center
    • Developing and evaluating healthy and wellness programs with teens with disabilities
    • Conducting data analysis and, through an analysis on studies about children with cancer and their families, conducting an analysis how studies are planned


    Individual students have worked on research in this region:

    • Conducting interviews and doing qualitative analysis on domestic violence and American Indian men, a collaboration among the Native American Domestic Providers' Circle, Bradley-Angle Shelter House, and the Native American Youth Association
    • Conducting a qualitative survey about mental health insurance coverage used in lobbying by the Oregon chapter of the National Alliance of Mentally Ill
    • Conducting a market rate survey and report on child care providers for the Oregon Department of Human Resources; assessing child care arrangements for women coming off of welfare
    • Developing a survey instrument and analyzing data on support for working caregivers
    • Developing and conducting semi-structured interviews on components that contribute to an academic atmosphere nurturing human diversity of students
    • Conducting a study on the benefits of the Kaiser Permanente Health Club for older people
    • Conducting evaluation research in preparation for the reaccreditation of the MSW program at Portland State University
    • Participating in research evaluating a parent education program conducted by Self Enhancement Incorporated (SEI), a community-based program for inner-city children; comparing outcomes for families receiving services at SEI with outcomes for families receiving services through the State of Oregon
    • Interviewing staff and conducting an observational study of activities at a State of Oregon welfare office for the Center for the Study of Women in Society at the University of Oregon
    • Conducting an evaluation of an elementary-school-based program to create and support a sustainable organizational culture that develops ASSETS in students