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Isabella Maranghi
Isabella Maranghi
Education Plan

I am a 3rd-year student here at PSU studying Speech and Hearing Sciences as well as Psychology with my focus being Neuroscience. I will be graduating PSU Spring 2021 and then go on to graduate school where I hope to become a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, and eventually go on to get a Ph.D. I recently was accepted into the Build Exito Program here at PSU as well.

Professional Focus

I would like to start my career working within Elementary School as a Speech-Language Pathologist, and then move on to teaching at the University level while conducting my own research. My interests are two-fold; one, I would like to look at the differences in typically and atypically developing children at a neural level regarding language learning and production. Two, I want to take that information and develop ways to help atypically developing children with language and communication.

Personal Interests

I like to go to the movies, spend time outside, paint/craft, and enjoy being around my friends and family as much as possible. I love to take my dog Callie, on hikes up in the mountains where she can explore and run around.