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We Say Hello
Author: Center for Public Service
Posted: January 23, 2012

Although the end of 2011 saw the exit of Yoichi, it also signaled the entrance of two new members to the CPS staff. John Morgan is the Community Outreach Program Manager and Leslie Costandi serving as Office Coordinator.

Both hires will be extremely beneficial to CPS as it continues to grow its list of programs and services to our public service clientele.

Leslie’s previous experience as an administrator, specifically at PSU’s Auxiliary office, has allowed her to seamlessly transition into the operation of the Center for Public Service. Her ability to perform a variety of tasks will allow other staff to focus on their main duties.

Since 2005 Leslie has been working on post-bachelor work in applied linguistics. Leslie was first drawn to the languages when she lived in a Palestinian refugee camp in Syria for several months.  In accepting the coordinator position, Leslie gets to achieve a better balance between work and school. 

Leslie looks forward to learning while on the job. She said, “I can see putting to use the knowledge and experiences I gain from CPS in the future as I pursue my personal interest of working for animal-focused non profits.”

John Morgan comes to CPS with over 15-years experience in organizational and leadership development; strategic and urban planning; and community capacity building.

His focus is on four areas: expanding the public awareness of the Executive Masters of Public Administration program, expanding the scope and reach of the general leadership development programs, helping create the Hatfield Resident Fellows Program and identifying potential sponsors, and development of research and innovation in public sector leadership programs.

In addition to his part-time work at CPS, John is the Executive Director of the Chinook Institute for Civic Leadership. This not-for-profit focuses on designing, development, production and facilitating leadership development programs for clients such as the League of Oregon Cities. In addition, he is also serving as the interim Community Development Director of the City of Damascus, OR.

He noted, “The Chinook Institute and CPS share a common direction of mission, objectives, and programs. It made sense to create a strong alliance. This relationship leverages the resources each organization brings to the fulfillment of a common mission to help make CPS the premier educational institution in western North America for the creation and delivery of leadership degree and certificate programs.”

John brings a high-level of passion to his personal life as well. He loves spending time with his kids, who are fifth generation Oregonians, and skiing. He said, “I am a Level III Certified Ski Instructor and have taught for over 35 years. For the last 14 I have taught adaptive skiing to people with disabilities with the City of Eugene Alpine Adventures Adaptive Ski School.”