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SHAC Dentists Volunteer in Guatemala
Author: Student Affairs
Posted: April 3, 2011

Three of your friendly dental providers from SHAC traveled (again) to Guatemala this spring break. We had such a wonderful, eventful, successful trip last June that we immediately signed up to go again.  We committed to this upcoming trip last August, because we wanted to do a little more there before we look to other areas of the world.  Since that time the team and trip have changed dramatically.  Last year we were a team of four, this year we have grown to nine members.  We are again traveling in association with Medical Teams International, and this time our in-country support organization is Food For Hungry. 

We worked in the remote area of the Ixil Triangle providing free dental care for the indigenous communities there.  This area was hardest hit during the 15+ year long civil war that ended in 1995, and the local people were victimized by both the guerrillas and the government forces.  There is no central city in this area, but there are paved roads connecting the three main towns.   We have been working on our Spanish, but most of the local people only speak their native Mayan language. Many of the people we will serve have never received dental care. We saw an approximately 250 adults and children.
For the past few months we have been busy with raising funds for our trip. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation or learn more about our trip you can go to