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Professor Paula Stanovitch receives grant for Inclusive Elementary Educators Project
Author: Deb Nelli
Posted: October 30, 2006


The Personnel Preparation project grant was funded by the USDE Office of Special Education Programs(OSEP)for approximately $800,000 over 4 years. Sixty percent of these funds go to scholarships for special education graduate students. 

Inclusive Elementary Educators Project (IE2P)

The Inclusive Elementary Educators Project (IE2P) provides a comprehensive research-based approach for training educators to teach students with high-incidence disabilities. Educator quality will be improved through an approach built on best practices in special and general education. Effectively educating students with high-incidence disabilities requires expertise in:

Ø Intensive targeted instruction for students with high-incidence disabilities,

Ø Effective general education practices (e.g., differentiated instruction),

Ø Inclusive practices, and

Ø Collaboration and teaming between special and general educators.

The IE2P program will provide advanced training to prepare educators at the master’s degree level in all four of those areas. The goals of the IE2P program are to:

1. Develop culturally diverse cohorts of highly qualified dual-licensed educators in Oregon and Washington who are prepared to serve students with high incidence disabilities.

2. Improve the quality of teacher preparation programs through an intensive two-year master’s degree program resting on research-based best practices and focusing on: a) assessment and remediation of specific learning problems through targeted instruction; b) effective instruction of students with high-incidence disabilities placed in general education, and c) teaming and collaboration for effective instruction.

3. Improve educator quality by developing teachers who are comfortable with standards-based reforms and who are prepared to be educational change agents and leaders.

4. Disseminate information about the IE2P model, regionally and nationally.

Paula J. Stanovitch, Ph.D

Professor and Cohort Leader

Inclusive Elementary Educators Program

Department of Special and Counselor Education

Portland State University