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Portland Monthly: Green acres?
Author: Bill Lascher
Posted: October 1, 2012

Read the original article in Portland Monthly here.

DURING PORTLAND’s third-annual EcoDistricts Summit this month, planners, architects, scholars, and environmentalists from around the world will gather at Portland State University to discuss achieving sustainability one whole neighborhood at a time. It’s a great concept: compact ’hoods could share green infrastructure. And since the first summit in 2009, Portland has designated five neighborhoods as testing grounds. But so far, Portland’s pilot districts—Portland State University (rechristened “South of Market,” or SoMa), Gateway, Lloyd, Lents (“Foster Green”), and South Waterfront—have seen more paper plans than brick-and-mortar change. Truly green neighborhoods remain far from reality.

Still, the potential is real. Here’s a look at plans for the Portland State–anchored SoMa ecodistrict, and what’s slowing it down.

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