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OnTheGo Platforms: Contextual Augmented Reality
Author: Emily Ediger
Posted: May 9, 2013

What if you could race yourself by seeing your old ghost through smart glasses? OnTheGo Platforms is making that happen by giving smart glasses app developers the tools they need to make great apps. By bridging the gap between smart glasses and app developers, OnTheGo Platforms allows developers to create the best user experience possible. Currently there is no standard way to build apps on smart glasses, so each developer needs to create their app from scratch. Smart glasses manufacturers are focused on developing the hardware so OnTheGo Platforms is solving this software problem.

OnTheGo Platforms is developing a Contextual Augmented Reality interface that presents information to the user when needed within the context of what they are doing at the time. One way they are doing this is Ghost Runner, a smart glasses app that allows runners to race themselves. Other possibilities for gathering and presenting relevant information via smart glasses are endless. Tyler Phillipi, co-founder, believes that “wearable computing will replace smartphones and usher in a new post-smartphone era.”

Since moving into the Accelerator in March 2012, co-founders Tyler Phillipi and Ryan Fink have grown the team to five full-time employees. Tyler credits the Accelerator in connecting the team to mentors, entrepreneurs and local investors through regular events such as the quarterly Accelerator PitchFest.