FOX 12: You're welcome, astronauts: PSU prof creates zero gravity coffee cup
Author: Fox 12 Staff
Posted: August 14, 2013

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Sure, we can put astronauts in space, but we've never figured out how to get them a decent cup of coffee - until now.

Portland State University researchers were awarded a patent for a cup designed for drinking in zero gravity.

One side of the cup has a sharp interior corner. And without gravity, the liquid will follow the corner right to an astronaut's lips. As the astronaut sips, more coffee is funneled into his or her mouth.

In space, if two solid surfaces meet at a narrow-enough angle, fluids naturally flow along the join with no pumping required.

It's not just for coffee, of course. PSU researchers said it could be used to improve all sorts of low gravity fluid systems in space, like toilets, air conditioners, fuel tanks and recycling systems.

"This may well be what future space colonists use when they want to have a celebration," said astronaut Don Pettit in a report on NASA's website.