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Interim Dean Announcement 2013

Nancy Koroloff returns as School of Social Work Interim Dean 

Provost Sona Andrews has announced that Nancy Koroloff has accepted the position of interim dean of the School of Social Work.In addition to her role as professor, Koroloff has served as director of the Regional Research Institute for Human Services and vice provost for Research and Sponsored Projects. She was interim dean of the School of Social Work in 2011-12 and will return to the post after the departure of the Dean David Springer in June.
Koroloff's appointment will continue through June 30, 2014 or until a new dean is identified through a national search. In addition, Provost Andrews announced the following members for the 2013-14 SSW Dean Search Committee:
Chair: Marilyn Moody, Dean, Millar Library

Social Work Faculty:
Ben Anderson-Nathe, CFS Program Director
Katharine Cahn, CCF Executive Director & Assistant Dean of Continuing Education & Training
Charlotte Goodluck, BSW Program Director
Thomas Keller, Duncan and Cindy Campbell Endowed Professor for Children, Youth, and Families; Associate Professor
Junghee Lee, MSW Faculty; Associate Professor
Ellen Masterson, Field Education Director

Faculty Outside the School:
Kim Pendell, Social Sciences Librarian

Social Work Staff:
John Barnett, SSW Operations Manager
Katie Cagle, Executive Assistant to the Dean

Ann Prater, Director of Development, College of the Arts

Brian Fuqua, BSW Student
Analucia Lopezrevoredo, PhD Student

External/Community Representative:
Jay Bloom, CUPA Advisory Board, Davis Hibbits and Midghall
Kay Toran, President and CEO, Volunteers of America of Oregon, Inc.