Four-Year Degree Guarantee

Portland State offers a Four-Year Degree Guarantee—a pledge that full-time freshmen who sign an agreement will get the support and courses necessary to graduate in four years.

Requirements for SSW Four-Year Degree Guarantee Participants

  • While anyone can declare a major in the School of Social Work, students are required to be admitted into their major in their Junior year in order to take major requirements. Participation in the Four-Year Degree Guarantee program is not a guarantee of admission to a major.
  • You are required to review the Degree Map for your major.

Beginning the Four-Year Degree Guarantee Program

  1. You are required to attend Orientation in order to start classes at Portland State. We strongly encourage you to attend the earliest session possible since you will be registering for fall term during your orientation.
  2. After you attend orientation, you must schedule an appointment with your assigned Four-Year Degree Guarantee adviser prior to the end of fall term. When you schedule your appointment you must identify yourself as a Four-Year Degree Guarantee student. Contact the School of Social Work Pre-Admission advisor Kate Constable.

Registration as a Four-Year Degree Guarantee Participant

Each term you are required to register within one day of your registration date. For any questions or concerns regarding the SSW Four-Year Degree Guarantee program, please email Kate Constable.