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Ph.D. Program Dissertations


Sundborg, Stephanie

Foundational Knowledge and Other Predictors of Commitment to Trauma Informed Care

Yazzie, Rebecca

An Analysis of Oregon Youth Authority Populations: Who Recieves Treatment and What Factors Influence Allocation of Treatment Resources?


Arias, Bobbie S.

The Importance of Online Peer Relationships during the Transition to Motherhood: Do They Decrease Stress, Alleviate Depression and Increase Parenting Competence?

Cunningham, Miranda 

Bridging the Worlds of Home and School: A Study of the Relational Experiences of First-Generation Students in a School of Social Work

Jones, Kevin R.

An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of Long-Term Mentoring Relationships from the Youth Perspective

Marino, Casadi K.

The Development and Validation of the Social Recovery Measure



Mitchell Dove, Lakindra M. 

Got Hair that Flows in the Wind: The Complexity of Hair and Identity Among African American Female Adolescents in Foster Care

DeFilippis, Joseph N. 

A Queer Liberation Movement?  A Qualitative Content Analysis of Queer Liberation Organizations, Investigating Whether They Are Building A Separate Social Movement

Waid, Jeffrey D. 

Investigating the Impact of Sibling Foster  Care on Placement Stability

Del Quest, A. 

Out of the Way and Out of Place: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of the Experiences of Social Interactions of Bisexually Attracted Young People

Ann Davis, Mildred (Mandy)

Understanding Sexual Assault Survivors’ Willingness to Participate in the Judicial System

Whitbeck, Barbara Allard 

Strengths in Action: Implementing a Learning Organization Model in a Human Service Setting


Piatkowska, Jolanta 

The Relationship between Mindfulness and Burnout among Master of Social Work Students

Nygren, Peggy

Exploring the Effects of Multi-Level Protective and Risk Factors on Child and Parenting Outcomes in Families Participating in Healthy Start/Healthy Families Oregon (HS/HFO)


Ataie, Jutta Elisabeth

“Who Would Have Thought, with a Diagnosis Like This, I Would Be Happy?”:  Portraits of Perceived Strengths and Resources in Early-Stage Dementia

McGee, Marjorie Grace

Lost in the Margins?  Intersections between Disability and Other Non-Dominant Statuses with Regard to Peer Victimization and Psychosocial Distress among Oregon Teens

Noh, Sunghwan

Teachers’ Negative Comments Toward Youth in Foster Care with Disabilities:  How Do They Relate to Youths’ Problem Behaviors, School Attitudes, and School Performance?

Sandeen, Peg

Public Opinion and the Oregon Death with Dignity Act

Vang, TangJudy 

The Role of Psycho-Sociocultural Factors in Suicide Risk Among Mong/Hmong Youth


Blakeslee, Jennifer Elizabeth

Exploring Support Network Structure, Content, and Stability as Youth Transition from Foster Care

Blanchard, Samantha Everhart

Understanding the Experience of Air Force Single Parents:  A Phenomenological Study

Fixsen, Amanda Angela Marjorie

Implementer Perspectives:  The Implementation of a School-Based Mentoring Program

Halvor, Christie Dianne Bernklau

Increasing Social Work Students’ Political Interest and Efficacy:  The Experience and Impact of a Social Welfare Policy Course from the Students’ Perspective

van Wormer, Rupert

Risk Factors for Homelessness Among Community Mental Health Patients with Severe Mental Illness


Bellmore, Aimee Ryan

Gender, Culture, and Prison Classification:  Testing the Reliability and Validity of a Prison Classification System

Forehand, Gregory Lloyd

An Investigation of the Relationships Between Violence Exposure, Internalizing and Externalizing Problems, and Adolescent Alcohol Use

Kothari, Brianne H.

Parental Differential Treatment (PDT) of Siblings:  Examining the Impact and Malleability of Differential Warmth and Hostility on Children’s Adjustment

McCarthy, Michael Joseph

Identifying Modifiable Factors Associated with Depression Across the Lifespan in Stroke Survivor-Spouse Dyads

Salazar, Amy Michele

Investigating the Predictors of Postsecondary Education Success and Post-College Life Circumstances of Foster Care Alumni

Schweitzer, Donald Dale

Runaway and Homeless Youth:  Changing the Discourse by Legitimizing Youth Voice


Capous-Desyllas, Moshoula

Visions & Voices:  An Arts-Based Qualitative Study Using Photovoice to Understand the Needs and Aspirations of Diverse Women Working in the Sex Industry

Chianello, Teresa

Somatization and Engagement in Mental Health Treatment

Powers, Jennifer L.

Understanding the Development of Self-Determination in Youth with Disabilities in Foster Care

Sage, Melanie Dawn

Child Welfare Workforce Turnover:  Frontline Workers’ Experiences with Organizational Culture and Climate, and Implications for Organizational Practice


Becker-Green, Jody

Developing One’s Self:  Adoption and Identity Formation through the Eyes of Transracially Adopted Native American Adults

Casey, John Thomas

Primary Care, Males, Masculinity, and Suicide:  A Grounded Theory Study

Kjellstrand, Jean Mollenkamp

Children with Incarcerated Parents:  A Longitudinal Study of the Effect of Parental Incarceration on Adolescent Externalizing Behaviors

Stewart, Lisa Maureen

Dependent Care and Work-Life Outcomes:  Comparing Exceptional Care and Typical Care Responsibilities

Tvedt, Karen

The Child Care Self-Sufficiency Scale:  Measuring Child Care Funding and Policy Generosity Across America

Wuest, Leslie Grace

Factors Associated with Inclusion of Spirituality in Secular Social Work Education


Allen, Heidi 

Up a Creek:  The Perilous Journey of Recently Uninsured Low-Income Adults in Oregon

Allen, Mary Dallas

Attributes of Effective Head Start Mental Health Consultants:  A Mixed Methods Study of Rural and Urban Programs

Cole, Diane Lyn

Staying Within the Margins:  The Educational Stories of First-Generation, Low-Income College Students


Cawood, Natalie Diane

Social Workers Addressing Student-Perpetrated Interpersonal Violence in the School Context:  Awareness and Use of Evidence-Supported Programs

Huffstutter, Katherine June

Family-Friendly Workplace Culture, Flexibility, and Workplace Support for Dependent Care:  The Perspectives of Human Resource Professionals

Kerbs, Jodi Lee

Family Participation:  Exploring the Role it plays in Outcomes for Youth with Serious Emotional Disorders

McCormick, Andrew John

Training Social Workers in Palliative Care:  Evaluation of a Self-Efficacy Model

Morgaine, Karen Lynn

“Creative Interpretation and Fluidity in a Rights Framework”:  The Intersection of Domestic Violence and Human Rights in the United States

Sanders, Rebecca Elizabeth

Food Security and Hunger Among Low Income US Households:  Relations to Federal Food Assistance Program Participation

Schwartz, Sara Laura  

Engaging our Workforce:  How Job Demands and Resources contribute to Social Worker Burnout, Engagement and Intent to Leave

Zimmerman, Patricia Arlyne

Adolescent Mothers:  Youth in Need of Developmentally Appropriate Services


Block, Rebecca Gila

Is it Just Me?  Felt HIV-Related Stigma Among Adults with HIV

Ebert, Patricia

Sons Providing Care at End-of-Life:  Common Threads and Nuances


Ette, Ezekiel Umo

Transplants in the West:  A Study of Settlement and Adjustment Issues Among Nigerian Immigrants in Portland, Oregon

Patrick, William Robert

Exploring the Relationship of Anger, Sadness, and Men’s Violence


Boland-Prom, Kimberly Wynn

Control and Social Support Variables During Pregnancy and the Development of Depressive Symptoms During the Postpartum Period

Diehm, Thomas Michael

“That Relationship is Such an Important Piece:  The Experience and Meaning of Graduate Social Work Education for Lesbian and Gay Students

Maguire, Mary

The Environment of the Correctional Institution:  An Exploratory Study of Staff Attitude and Institutional Characteristics

Polen, Michael Robert

The Effects of Psychiatric Problem Severity on Substance Abuse Treatment Participation and Outcomes

Sussex, Barbara Mary

Applying the Transtheoretical Model to Cigarette Smoking by Pregnant and Parenting Adolescent Females


Cahn, Katharine Douglas Campbell

Getting There from Here:  Variables Associated with the Adoption of Innovation in Public Child Welfare

Knight, Karen Lea

Describing the Experience of Pregnant or Parenting Adolescents and Intimate Partner Abuse

Ward, Ann Adora

Mental Health and HIV Risk Behaviors Among Homeless Youth


Eggman, Susan Talamantes

Testimonios from the Intersection of Mexican American Culture and an American Death

Oschwald, Mary Martha

A Grounded Theory Study of the Processes of Resilience in Young Adults with Disabilities During their Transition into Adulthood

Taylor, Michael Orval

Identifying and Building on Strengths of Children with Serious Emotional Disturbances

Vegdahl, Sonja Bernice

Leaving Welfare:  Stories of Struggle and Strength


Douglas, Jane Patricia

Service Integration in HIV and Mental Health Care:  Does it Predict Improved Outcomes?

Hooper, Richard Ivan

Association Between Risk and Protective Factors and Mental Health Status of Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

Leary, Joy DeGruy

A Dissertation on African American Male Youth Violence:  “Trying to Kill the Part of You that Isn’t Loved”

Yatchmenoff, Diane Kommers

Measuring Client Engagement in Non-Voluntary Child Protective Services


Hunter, Richard William

Voices of Our Past:  The Rank and File Movement in Social Work, 1931-1950

Morley, Evelyn Godbold

The Child Witness to Domestic Violence:  The Relationship Among Battered Mothers’ Characteristics, Child Abuse, and Child Behavior Problems

Ogilvie, Alice Myrth

The Assessment of Children with Attachment Disorder:  The Randolph Attachment Disorder Questionnaire, the Behavioral and Emotional Rating Scale, and the Biopsychosocial Attachment Types Framework


Ciliberti, Patricia

An Innovative Family Preservation and Support Program in an African American Community:  Analysis of Six- and Twelve-Month Follow-up Data

De Haan, Benjamin

Critical and Fatal Child Maltreatment in Oregon:  Escalating Violence or Distinct Behavior?

Long, Claudia Robin

Grandmothers Laughing:  Intergenerational Transmission of Cultural Beliefs about Pregnancy and Childbirth Among Native American Women